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Workshops are a wonderful way to immerse yourself in a field of new ideas and perspectives, as well as add new skills to your current professional endeavors, and even get CEU credits!  They are open to everyone, with no previous experience necessary.


Make the most of your trip to the ATCongress 2018!

There are 2 unique opportunities for study prior to the ATCongress 2018 this summer.  You can attend a week of advanced training in teaching AT to musicians, and a week of pre-Congress preparation and training in building successful introductory workshops with the Alexander Alliance International Directors.

Here is a link to the Alexander Alliance Pre-Congress Gathering:


Join Bruce, Robyn, Midori, and Margarete for a peaceful 4 day retreat in the middle of America’s farmlands, to share our past year’s projects, reflect on our present truths, and create the visions for our future as an Alliance.  We will take a few days together to…

  • prepare for the Congress (hands, thoughts, questions); how to make the most of it
  • update the community on each school’s new pedagogical material and projects
  • add another layer of Mentoring Trainers material
  • get training on building successful Intros and offer a one day Intro, in support of our young graduate Anita’s new practice in Iowa.

Here is a link to the CAS Musician’s Wellness Immersion for Alexander Teachers, happening just before the Gathering:


The Contemporary Alexander School, the USA branch of the Alexander Alliance International, is in residence at the internationally renowned Meadowmount School of Music, offering a unique opportunity for Alexander Teachers and Trainees to learn and practice advanced skills needed for teaching Alexander’s Principles to classical musicians.

Scroll further to see a list of all the 2018 workshops and trainings scheduled at this point in the US, Asia and Europe. Workshops count towards Continuing Education Credits for most professions.

PLEASE NOTE: This list is updated regularly! Please check for new additions.

For additional information on Events, if you are looking for a particular workshop, or would like to host a workshop in your area, please contact Robyn.

 Guest are welcome at all Retreats.  No Previous experience necessary.


WINTER/SPRING Workshops & Trainings 2018


1/2 – 7 Santa Fe, NM                    Teacher Training/Musician’s Workshop

1/10 – 14 Portland, OR                 Teacher Training

2/28 – 3/4 Neskowin, OR            Teacher Training

4/27 – 29 Portland OR                 Teacher Training

6/24 – 7/20 Lewis, NY                 Teacher Training & Musician’s Wellness Residency @       Meadowmount School of Music

7/24 – 28 Iowa City, IO               AAI Pre-Congress Gathering/Post-grad Training



3/10 & 11   Strasbourg, France     Deep Imagery® Workshop

3/17 & 18   Zurich, Switzerland    Teacher Training

3/24 – 4/1  Einbeck, Germany      Teacher Training

4/2 – 4        Dorsten, Germany      Living in a Body™

4/5 – 8        Dorsten, Germany      Deep Imagery® Workshop

4/27 – 5/1  Villach, Austria           Embodying Grace : An Alexander Experience


11/2 – 11  Seoul, South Korea     Teacher Training & Workshops

11/13 – 18  Osaka, Japan             Teacher Training & Workshops



1/2 – 8                SANTA FE, NM

1/9 – 16              PORTLAND, OR

1/18 – 2/22       CLEVELAND, OH

2/23 – 3/4         PORTLAND, OR

3/6 – 8               MAINZ, GERMANY

3/9 – 14             STRASBOURG, FRANCE

3/15 – 18           ZURICH, SWITZERLAND

3/19 – 20          MAINZ, GERMANY

3/21 & 23          COLOGNE, GERMANY

3/22                  BOCHUM, GERMANY

4/2 – 10            DORSTEN, GERMANY

4/12 – 16           SANTA FE, NM

4/18 – 5/12       CLEVELAND, OH

4/27 – 5/1        VILLACH, AUSTRIA

Popular Workshop Possibilities

These are some of the most popular 1 – 3 day workshops available through CAS, offered in North America, Europe, and Japan. Each class has been created by, and will be taught by CAS Founder, Robyn Avalon.

Please contact us if you are interested in either attending or hosting one of these workshops in your area.

  • Thinking Body, Moving Mind – Effective tools for conscious living.
  • The Art of Intuitive Touch – Learn to develop and trust your intuitive touch.
  • Bowls & Domes:  The Containers Within – A workshop for bodyworkers exploring the physical and energetic relationships of the inner landscape of the body.
  • Sacred Geometry of the Body – An introduction to the sacred spaces and shapes within our internal architecture.
  • Performance & Presence – A somatic study of presence and the habitual choices which limit our performance potential.
  • Rediscovering Choice – Somatic and Consciousness tools for making new life choices.
  • Sacred Touch in Everyday Life – Learn how to use the objects and activities of everyday life to bring greater ease, mindfulness, and grace into each moment.
  • Rumi’s Field
    “Beyond our ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”
    Recognize the habitual physical, emotional and mental patterns which fuel your inner critic or judge.

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