The High Arts of Teaching

The Art of Group Teaching & The Art of Touch


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       October 20 & 21, 2018, Portland OR

2 one day workshops

      with AAI Co-Director/CAS Director

Robyn Avalon


In every field of study, there are the basic skills, the advanced skills, and eventually, the art of the form.  The High Arts of Teaching include a wide range of skills.  This weekend, master pedagogue Robyn Avalon will offer some insights and practical tools for upgrading your skills in two important arenas – group teaching and the sophisticated use of touch.

In the Group Teaching course, Saturday October 20th, you will learn fundamental tools for teaching an engaging, thoughtful, lively, experiential group class.  You will study how to create successful group and partner games, how to teach effectively in a ‘fishbowl’ setting, how to incorporate metaphors and stories, and, most importantly, how to be comfortable leading a group.

In the Art of Touch course, Sunday October 21st, you will be introduced to the physics and metaphysics of touch:

  • we will increase our tactual palette, become more tactually literate and learn how to access the whole person through myriad networks: skeletal, muscular, fascial, cellular, organ, and nervous systems
  • we will learn about the hand’s inherent design in order develop hands that are, at once, soft and powerful, light and deep, stabilizing and mobilizing, quieting and energizing
  • we will learn skills for touching a whole person – not a body. But to touch a person’s being through their body we first have to be able to see a person’s being through their body, which means knowing how to see beyond posture, beyond body mechanics, beyond use.

These two workshops are particularly useful as Post Graduate study for Alexander Teachers from all traditions and styles.  They are also open to anyone wishing to gain more skill and confidence in group teaching and the use of their hands.


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