Professional Enrichment Trainings

The 3 Graces

The 3 Graces are a series of three personal and professional enrichment courses designed to help practitioners and educators from all disciplines deepen their skills.

Each course contains a series of short workshops, and are designed to help practitioners move beyond the limits of their knowledge.


Embodying Grace

This course considers the question:

“who are you when you let go of all you are not?”

Using tools from contemporary Alexander to contemporary Physics, this profound course will ask you to truly question all that you have been taught, all that you assume, and all that you know. It will offer you access to your own potential.


Touching Grace

Deepen your ability to use your hands as a sophisticated tool for listening and communicating through your client’s body.  Learn how to apply Alexander Technique principles to your own comfort and ease. Study the Sacred Geometry of the Body and how to apply that knowledge in your work.


Knowing Grace

Develop your skills at accessing ‘knowledge’ in many ways. Tools include accessing intuitive channels (clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc), altered states of awareness, reality creation techniques, Matrix Energetics®, MAP, Deep Imagery®, sacred geometry, working with ‘frequencies’, and Druid/Alchemical studies.