I love this community. When I come back to USA and join class, it feels as if I’ve come home. Everyone is welcoming and friendly to everyone. All the students help each other, and learn from each other. Somehow Robyn’s classes are very intense and yet relaxed at the same time.  We laugh a lot. 

Robyn’s touch, her use of image and language, her entire whole being sends a clear message and strikes home. She guides me into who I really am. She is profoundly creative, extraordinarily sensitive. She’s and an artist, and she’s a scientist. Her knowledge seems endless. I love her skill, her wisdom. I love who Robyn is.  – Osaka, Japan

When I first discovered the Alexander work, it was the thing I didn’t know I wanted.  I had no idea what I would really be signing up for when joining Robyn Avalon’s teacher training – the Contemporary Alexander School, part of the International Alexander Alliance.  Not only did I get the pleasure of delving into a world of bodywork and learning skills that empower and educate others, to my pleasant surprise, I discovered my own well-being played an essential role in the facilitation of this work.

Thus, my experience of life has drastically changed and enhanced in ways I didn’t know were possible since studying the Alexander work.  And having Robyn as a teacher has been a central part of this fascinating process of self discovery.  She teaches the Alexander Technique principals so beautifully and brings a wide spectrum of skills and modalities to her work and to her students.  Because of Robyn’s playful yet deep approach to teaching, alongside her immense skill-set, I feel like I have the tools to continually develop myself and my own teaching of the Alexander Technique for the rest of my life.  Not only that, I’m now immeshed in an amazing community (spanning all over the world!) where I have forged life-long friendships and connections.

People who are looking for expansion in life (and themselves) and like the idea of connecting with others for a living, the Contemporary Alexander School is absolutely the place to be! Boulder, CO, USA

Discovering the Contemporary Alexander School with Robyn Avalon has made a wonderful and very important impact on my life. Robyn Avalon has created a fun and loving environment to explore F.M. Alexander’s teachings and principles. I have come to know the many intricacies of Alexander Technique through Robyn’s steady teaching, constantly furthering my understanding of myself and my ways of teaching. Robyn brings a huge and diverse knowledge base to the training that has expanded my tool set, including the modalities of Cranio-Sacral therapy, Quantum Physics, and trauma work.  These tools have become essential resources for me when working in an array of situations with my students.

The teachers in the Alexander Alliance use the influence of Margorie Barstow to teach the trainees to work in many different situations and activities such as the playing of an instrument, singing, fine tuning of a sporting activity, conflict resolution in the business place, working with horses, yoga, and many more, even carving pumpkins.  I love this practical approach to Alexander Technique, and the training continues to provide a wonderful education using F.M.’s principles in our modern world.  And a huge added bonus is that I have access to an incredible, stimulating, and playful community of teachers and students who come from around the world, many of whom have become life-long friends.
This teacher training is formatted in such a way that we meet for one weekend or full week of intensive study at a time spread throughout the year, making it much more manageable to balance my work and home life with the training schedule.  I really enjoy the digestion period between trainings, so that I can use the new material covered to work with my current patterns.  It is rewarding to see, from training to training, how new information has integrated and created change and ease within myself.
Through this training and learning from Robyn’s compassionate, fun, and inspirational teaching, I have come into touch with my authentic self and discovered much more ease and awareness in my body, the activities I love, and my relationship with myself and my external environments. I have become a teacher able to use my hands, words, and coordination within myself to teach others in Alexander Technique. Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

 I considered many teacher training programs for my studies to become an Alexander Technique teacher.  When I visited the Alexander Alliance for the first time in Santa Fe, NM, it immediately felt like home.  It was worth traveling 800 miles for training!  Robyn Avalon and the other teacher trainees have become like family in a very short time.  I joined the Alliance for the community of teachers as well as to study with Robyn.  Robyn has versatility in her creative teaching style, and she is able to apply the Alexander Technique to just about any activity or situation that life brings.  Robyn brings energy and enthusiasm to studying the technique unlike any other Alexander Technique teachers that I’ve come across.  – California, USA

 I appreciate the vibrancy of Robyn’s trainings.  Her energy keeps people moving, engaged with each other, learning the information through direct experience.  Humor and play are big components, and that keeps things engaging and just plain fun.  The connection between all the Alliance schools gives me as a student the opportunity to work with people from other countries and cultures, which, I think, helps me hone my awareness and my communication skills — when my hands are on someone whose language I don’t speak, I’m asked to pay even closer attention and to really be aware of how I am offering information.  I love that part of the training! Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

 I injured my back playing too hard in 2011 — dancing, trampolining, and skiing allin the same week! — and was in terrible pain.  Doctors told me “This is it; it’s not going to get any better.”  I dove into an 8 month depression.  I got directed to Robyn, and within 3 months, I was essentially pain-free and could return to all my regular outdoor activities except carrying a really heavy backpack.  I truly feltlike I got my life back, and that I learned how to move and be in my body in a waythat supported staying strong, healthy, and pain-free.  Because of that, I entered the training in 2013, and it’s not only given me a wide range of very useful skillsfor myself, it’s opening a door to a new career that, at 60, I’m excited about anddelighted to think I’ll be able to offer opportunities of ease and grace to others for many years to come.  – Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Robyn is a very gifted teacher with a huge background and knowledge of this Work, and she loves to share it generously. – Victoria, BC

 As a singing teacher at the university level, I am constantly applying the principles and ideas of AT that I have learned at AASW. I have witnessed the enormous growth and ease of my own personal vocal development (much to my surprise and delight). My own singing and performing has taken on a new dimension of expression and joy because of my immersion in this training program.  In my vocal studio, I see students who have a much clearer understanding of the vocal process, who progress more quickly, who are more confident, and who sing more easily and with deeper expression.  I am constantly amazed and delighted that the ideas and principles of Mr. Alexander’s Work improve upon the quality of their life through ease of movement at a very, very profound and meaningful level. – Wyoming, USA


I’ve done a lot of healing within myself – mental, emotional, spiritual, and looking after my body in a more conscious way.  Still there was a piece missing. How does one re-align the structure of the body that has grown to reflect the traumas/experiences of life?  I became a student at AASW and discovered the “missing piece”. I realized that I had limited my choices on how to BE in my body.  Since abandoning many misconceptions about myself, I discovered that this Work, and the way Robyn teaches it, is very spiritual as well as physical.  How amazing is that – to find a school that teaches such a holistic, practical approach to learning. – New Mexico, USA

 Once I had decided that I wanted to become a teacher of the Alexander Technique, I researched different schools and teaching methods. I’m a practical person and feel all things learned are best applied to everyday life. I finally found the school that really fit with who I was and the path I was on. AASW takes what it teaches and applies the knowledge to everyday activities, such as food prep, riding horses, sitting at a computer, creating art, or simply driving a car.  My kind of school…in relationship with everyday life. – Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

 I have had sore knees on and off for 2 years and have even had a physiotherapist trying to help me for the past 3 months.  I attended an Alexander course with Robyn in Santa Fe, and one the 2nd day of class I mentioned my knee issues.  Robyn worked hands-on with me, and on the 3rd day I had no knee pain – and that was the case for the remaining 7 days of the course, and since returning home. She combined hands-on work with educational information which amazingly, did the job. It made the whole trip more than worthwhile. I have my knees back! – Dusseldorf, Germany

 Curiosity drew me to an introductory evening of Alexander Technique after watching the transformation of my friend.  I eagerly offered myself as a demo during the session. With just a few gentle moves by Robyn, coupled with some new insights into the structure of the body, I was able to feel an alignment that had been elusive to me, even with years of physical therapy.  With the alignment came an ease of movement and an amazing feeling of expansiveness and peace.  I looked into the mirror and was intrigued by the tranquility and joy in my countenance. – New Mexico, USA

 I have been touched to tears watching others do their Alexander Work in Robyn’s classes.  I see spirit being released when we take the self-imposed kinks out of our bodies.  All of a sudden everybody just radiates their inner special beauty.  We all look and move with grace like kings and queens.  – Alaska, USA