Teaching Body Mapping: How & Why

What is Body Mapping?

Your nervous system’s job is to use your software (beliefs about your body) to organize your hardware (your actual anatomy), whether your beliefs are accurate or not!  Body Mapping is the study of your beliefs about your anatomy.  It’s like upgrading your software so that it accurately matches your hardware. This allows you to access your brilliant innate coordination, thus letting your body move with ease, flexibility, and strength.

Why include Body Mapping in your teaching?

It’s simple: if you don’t change a person’s map, their nervous system will not effectively access their inherent design.  They will change in your hands, but so effectively not on their own, if their map is full of misconceptions.

Offering the most common ‘mis-maps’ to a group or individual will quickly and effectively help your students to access their inherent design on their own.


Living in a Body™, a course in body mapping designed by Robyn nearly 25 years ago, has been translated into 5 languages and is now taught worldwide. Living in a Body™ teaches us how to see when a person’s map does not match their inherent design. It offers a multitude of etudes and games for helping them change the beliefs that interfere with their ability to live and work in accordance with their inherent design.