Sacred Geometry of the Body

Sacred Geometry of the Body is an ongoing series of courses designed and taught by Robyn Avalon on the application of .

On March 9, 2019, from 10am – 1pm, Robyn will be offering The 5 Elemental Shapes and from 3pm – 6pm, she will be offering Bowls & Domes.  These courses can be taken alone or together, to make a powerful combined experience.  They are open to everyone, but may be particularly useful for Alexander Teachers from any tradition, as well as anyone interested in the blend of esoteric studies and the body.

The 5 Elemental Shapes

This course introduces you to the 5 shapes that are universal through time and culture, and how to use the implied and direct energy of these shapes in your relationship with yourself, others, and groups.

Bowls & Domes

This course travels through the inner and outer body, accessing the natural containers of the half/implied circle – the bowls and domes.  Learn tools for using the energy of these sacred containers as you work with clients and yourself.



To register for this workshop, first sign up here, then pay through one of these options:

$180  Early Bird Special for both workshops 
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 (payment is due 30 days before the workshop and is non-refundable)

$200 for both workshops (after Feb 9)
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$120 for 5 Elemental Shapes only (10am – 1 pm)
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$120 for Bowls & Domes only (3pm – 6pm)
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