Post-Graduate Training/Mentoring Trainers

Post Graduate Training

All CAS Events are open to graduates from any training worldwide.  In particular, graduates from ‘classical’ style programs may join CAS Events to deepen the diversity of their hands, learn to teach in activities, and gain effective group teaching skills.

In addition, there are post-graduate training days, usually attached to the Events, which focus on more sophisticated, advanced hand skills, how to work with particular teaching challenges, and how to teach to specific groups (eg, string players, ice skaters, equestrians, Pilates instructors, etc).

Mentoring Trainers

This unique post-graduate training is designed as a long-term mentorship for well established Alexander Teachers who are interested in joining the faculty at the Alexander Alliance International schools, or eventually becoming teacher trainers themselves.  It includes a combination of immersion weeks, mentoring at teaching Events, and weekend retreats for trainers, designed to offer young trainers personal mentoring, pedagogic tools and practical experience.

July 27 – August 6, 2017 @ Synergia Ranch

For the first time, the Alliance Team of Directors will be offering a mentoring intensive specifically for Directors and Faculty of Training Programs. Collectively we have trained hundreds of students to become successful Alexander Teachers. We didn’t have anyone teaching us how to do it – we learned by using our judgement and instincts, and by trial and error. We have learned a great deal from our successes and our mistakes, and we would like to pass that information on to you, as the next generation of Trainers.

The Mentoring Trainers Immersion will begin before the 2017 Retreat, giving us 2 days to discuss pedagogy, share our experiences, and create the format for practicing training skills during the Retreat week. We will meet daily throughout the Retreat to evaluate and process the day’s material. We will stay for an additional day after the Retreat to review and synthesize the week’s material.

This is the first time that this type of in-depth mentoring has been offered. It is open to Trainers who want to learn about the Alliance style of training. All faculty of the Contemporary Alexander School are required to attend in order to take a teaching slot during the 2017-18 year. Even if you have been on a School Faculty before, this training will offer you pedagogy, direct mentoring, and the opportunity to clearly shift from “teaching” to “training” students. It will give you a chance to evaluate your current skills, ask questions, and learn from our years of experience.

To apply for the Mentoring Trainers Program, send a letter of intent to