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Here are some of the places that we have training class.  Alexander’s principles apply to every activity of your life, so we often study in immersion settings, in order to learn to embody the Work deeply into each moment, whether we are cooking, cleaning, walking, reading, studying, dancing, or simply enjoying each other’s company.

At CAS, we use the world around us as inspiration.  We often choose to study in very beautiful places around the world.  The landscape is one of our greatest teachers.


This is a selection of moments from our trainings. Enjoy the diversity!

The Training Family

Since we often live together at the Training Events, there are many moments of support, sharing, and play.

ALEXANDER IN ACTIVITIES:  Here is a sampling of how and who we work with, while they do what they do.

Alexander with Musicians

Alexander with Dancers

Alexander with Athletes

Alexander with Equestrians

Alexander with Kids


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