Meadowmount School of Music Summer Residency

Musician’s Wellness Intensive

Summer 2019 will feature a one month immersion at the Meadowmount School of Music for advanced Alexander Teachers and CAS Trainees, focusing on teaching String Players and Pianists.  For more information, please send us an email

The 2019 Meadowmount program will be from June 23 – July 20, with weekly segments of study offered for Alexander Teachers and Trainees wishing to develop advanced skills for working with string players and pianists.

CAS offers an annual summer intensive in Contemporary Alexander, focusing on string players and pianists at The Meadowmount School of Music in upstate NY.

Learn how to recognize habits of thought and movement which interfere with student’s innate coordination and natural ease.

Learn to notice and change tension patterns which cause unnecessary stress, pain, or injury.

Learn how to help students increase technical proficiency without over-efforting.

Gain new insights on efficient practice, performance anxiety, and transforming technique into artistry.

As an Alexander Teacher, you will learn how to quickly evaluate the most essential issues, teach in short, concise 20 minute lessons, create clear practice ‘homework’ for each student, teach in small groups around specific themes as well as in large group formats.  You will have the opportunity to teach private lessons, chamber ensembles, and large groups.

The schedule is full, offering daily Alexander training class every morning, followed by the observation and teaching of private lessons in the afternoons, and participation in group workshops in the evenings.

This immersion is ideal for Alexander Teachers from all backgrounds and styles who want advanced skills and practice in working with classical musicians.

Trainees in the CAS Academic Teacher Training Program attend this Immersion as a major part of their summer training, followed by the International Summer Retreat.


The Details:

Alexander Teachers, Post-Graduate Tuition: $800/week

CAS Fulltime Trainees:  this residency is included in your tuition.

CAS/AASW Graduates:  $500/week

Room is included – we share a group house with multiple people/room.  We buy and cook together as a group.  Anyone needing private accommodations should provide their own housing.




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