LIAB Certification for Performing Artists & Educators

LIAB Certification is ideal for Performing Arts Students & Faculty

Becoming a Certified LIAB Instructor offers you a competitive edge in acquiring teaching positions, as well as a way to make additional money within your field of expertise.  It is particularly popular among students, professionals, and educators in the performing arts.  Learning to understand and utilize your body’s inherent design is essential to creating an injury-free career as a performing artist.

What will LIAB Instructor Certification do for you?

  • as a teacher, it will give you the tools to teach your students how to move in accordance with their body’s inherent design, thus helping prevent tension, fatigue and injury and promoting a high level of technical skill
  • as a performing artist, it will offer you the information you need to help ensure your body’s best possible long-term performance
  • as a graduate student, you will have a unique edge in competing for the top apprenticeship positions by being able to offer LIAB to your department
  • as a young professional, it offers you a way to make additional money and still work within your field of expertise

Certification Requirements

  • completion of 4 five day modules over a 2 year period
  • choose from modules scheduled on the East Coast, West Coast, & Santa Fe, NM on an academic-friendly schedule
  • request current tuition information

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