What is LIAB?

Living in a Body™ is a 20 hour body mapping certification course which offers a simple, clear, and fun exploration of the basic mechanics of human movement and support.  It is the quintessential owner’s guide to using our bodies in accordance with our design, allowing people of all ages to experience ease in their body.

The LIAB™ curriculum uses simple games of sensory awareness, somatic re-education, and metaphor to teach you how your body is designed to move with ease and grace.  The courses provide the necessary tools for incorporating this knowledge into your daily life and professional endeavors.

What is Body Mapping?

Your nervous system uses your beliefs about your body to organize your body. Body Mapping is the study of your beliefs.  In LIAB™ you upgrade your software (beliefs) so that it accurately matches your hardware (anatomy), thus letting your body access natural ease, flexibility, and strength.

In this course, you will learn how to teach the LIAB™ games and etudes to individuals and groups, to recognize mismapping issues, and to apply LIAB™ to performance activities.

LIAB™ is open to all those interested in understanding the functional design of the body.  It is particularly useful for professionals and teachers in performing and fine arts, movement and martial arts, fitness and athletics, equestrians, primary educators, body workers, therapists, and health professionals.

LIAB™ Certification is Post Graduate Continuing Education for Alexander Teachers and Trainees from all styles, and is an essential tool for group teaching.

It offers 20 CEU’s for all professions. It is required for all CAS Trainees, and highly recommended for all Alexander Alliance International Trainees.  See “Core Curriculum” for more information.




LIVING IN A BODY™ has been slowly crafted by Robyn Avalon over 30 years of studying, teaching, and training others in the work of F. M. Alexander and the principles of Body Mapping.  She has developed a practical and easy way to help people truly understand and embody the architecture and efficiency of our design.

The LIAB™ course contains the information about our own bodies that everyone needs to know, but most have missed. 
Unfortunately, most people have never been taught how exquisitely our bodies are designed to do the basic movements of everyday life: reaching, standing, bending, sitting, walking, lifting, etc. Thus we often ask our bodies to function in ways that we are simply not designed to handle – resulting in pain, injury, and degeneration.

The LIVING IN A BODY™ curriculum provides a practical and easily applicable understanding of basic anatomy for natural movement. Students will be given instructional materials to use in their own practice, as well as specific teaching tools/games/activities for applying this basic information to their own professional work and clientele. Graduates will be able to help their students/clients correct the common misconceptions about the how the body is designed for movement, thereby giving their students/clients the tools to understand and effectively change their own patterns of (mis)use.

Graduates may use the title LIVING BODY INSTRUCTOR, which certifies that the graduate has a clear understanding of the principles of movement and support, and effective tools for teaching that information to students/clients of all ages.  Graduates are not trained to use their hands for Alexander Work and are not recognized as Alexander Teachers; however, all training hours may be applied to the AASW Teacher Training Programs, should the graduate wish to become an Alexander Teacher.

LIVING IN A BODY™ Certification

The LIVING IN A BODY™ course has three levels of Certification:

Level I Certification allows you to integrate this information into your personal and professional endeavors.  It is open to everyone, regardless of previous experience. It does not give you permission to teach the LIAB™ course. It offers 20 hours of professional CEU’s.

Level II Certification is designed for those who have completed Level I and are interested in teaching the LIVING IN A BODYLevel I course. It offers 20 hours of professional CEU’s.  After completion of the Level II course, graduates must apprentice at three Level I courses, and sign a Licensing Agreement before being eligible to teach on their own.

Level III Certification is for those having completed Levels I and II, who are interested in teaching the Level II course. It offers 30 hours of professional CEU’s.  After completion of the Level III course, graduates must apprentice with LIABTMcreator Robyn Avalon, and sign a Licensing Agreement before being eligible to teach on their own.

If you are interested in either hosting a Level I course in your area, or pursuing the Level II or III trainings, please contact Robyn Avalon directly at 505-670-2596 or via email at robyn@contemporaryalexander.com


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