What is LIAB?

Living in a Body™ is a 20 hour body mapping certification course which offers a simple, clear, and fun exploration of the basic mechanics of human movement and support.  It is the quintessential owner’s guide to using our bodies in accordance with our design, allowing people of all ages to experience ease in their body.

The LIAB™ curriculum uses simple games of sensory awareness, somatic re-education, and metaphor to teach you how your body is designed to move with ease and grace.  The courses provide the necessary tools for incorporating this knowledge into your daily life and professional endeavors.

LIAB™ is open to all those interested in understanding the functional design of the body.  It is particularly useful for professionals and teachers in performing and fine arts, movement and martial arts, fitness and athletics, equestrians, primary educators, body workers, therapists, and health professionals. It offers 20 CEU’s for all professions. See “Core Curriculum” for more information.

For more information, please visit: Living in a Body™

Upcoming 2017 LIAB courses:

January 6 – 8, Santa Fe, NM

February 18 – 21, Portland OR

April 1 – 4, Strasbourg, France


What is Body Mapping?

Your nervous system uses your beliefs about your body to organize your body. Body Mapping is the study of your beliefs.  In LIAB you upgrade your software (beliefs) so that it accurately matches your hardware (anatomy), thus letting your body access natural ease, flexibility, and strength.

In this training, you will learn how to teach the LIAB games and etudes to individuals and groups, to recognize mismapping issues, and to apply LIAB to performance activities.


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