Flexible Training Options

Training Options

This unique training program is specifically designed to be possible within the reality of people’s busy lives.  Each individual may design their own program according to their needs, and within their own time frame, following a basic format, detailed below.

There are 2 options:

All options require a minimum of 25 Training Events spread over 3 – 7 years, depending on the rate of study, as well as annual attendance at the Alliance International Retreat, held in Santa Fe in early August.

The program consists of ‘long’ (5 – 8 day events) and ‘short’ (2 – 4 day events), spread throughout the year, primarily in Santa Fe, NM and Portland, OR, with occasional events in other areas of the country and worldwide.  Two short events = 1 long event.  There is a minimum of the equivalent of 25 long events for graduation.