Fine Arts Events

We often work with fine artists from all disciplines, sometimes joining them in their studio while they work and sometimes offering workshops.  They learn how to be more comfortable while working, and sometimes how to see their work from new perspectives.

 making micaceous pots

making micaceous pots

Sacred Bowls is a retreat held in Northern New Mexico with world-reknown potter and Jicarilla Apache shaman Felipe Ortega, where we learn to apply Alexander’s principles while making traditional micaceous pottery, participate in a sweat lodge, and enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes of rural northern NM.  No previous experience is necessary, and everyone goes home with their own pots!


Alexander principles for fiber artists.

Alexander principles for fiber artists.

Weaving Consciousness is a workshop for fiber artists – weavers, knitters, quilters, papermakers, etc.  It helps fiber artists learn to be comfortable and efficient with repetitive movements.  It also  explores the qualities of textiles which mirror the qualities of our bodies.





Process Painting, Contemporary Alexander, and Ways of Knowing

Process Painting with Alexander

The Painting Quest is a retreat which blends process painting with Contemporary Alexander and Ways of Knowing.  It is co-taught by Robyn and Katherine Avalon, combining Robyn’s skills in intuitive arts and embodyment with Katherine’s life-study of using painting to access and process life material, trauma, well-being, and consciousness.  It is open to everyone, no previous painting experience is necessary.



The Maker and the Making

The “Maker and the Making” is a workshop for all artists, exploring the relationship between your own state of being and the process of making art.  All artists at all levels of experience, from beginners to hobbyists to professionals, are welcome.

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