The Art of Touch – for those who use their hands

10/21/18 All day
Lyra Butler-Denman
Phone: 505-470-2049

This workshop is for all those who directly use their hands in their work to help others: somatic practitioners, movement educators, physical, occupational, and speech therapists, massage therapists, nurses, and hospice workers. 

Thankfully, there are many skilled care givers in the world. Many of us support, move, nurture, educate, and rehabilitate others directly through touch. 

Alexander evolved a particular way of using his hands that helped communicate to people how to find support from the ground and from their own structural design. Through his hands he was able to access people’s innate coordination, enabling them to move comfortably and freely. And he found a way to bring all of this about without any force. To most it felt totally magical. But it wasn’t. It was skill. It was technique. It was “high touch”. 

This workshop is also for those interested in a Professional Certification Course called “High Touch”, taught by Robyn Avalon and Bruce Fertman, Co-Directors of the Alexander Alliance International.

Contact Robyn at for more information.