Looking Inward – An Experience in Deep Imagery

03/10/18 All day
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Deep ImageryTM is a method of working with the imagination which allows you to experience a deep knowing about your innermost self.  It is a unique blend of Jungian Active Imagination, Eastern Chakra/Energy systems, and the Native American practice of speaking to and learn from the animals, developed by Dr. E. Stephen Gallegos.

You will learn how to meet and ‘journey’ with your inner guides and animals through an open-ended engagement with the deeper levels of the imagination. Different from guided imagery,  Deep ImageryTM allows the journeyer to explore aspects of their consciousness through building a relationship with their own deep, alive imagination.

Ultimately, you learn to tap the ancient deep inner wisdom that lives within us all, engaging with it directly in its aliveness and being present with it on its own terms.

In this experiential workshop, you will learn the fundamental tools of Deep ImageryTM journeys and will explore how to apply the process into your life journey, allowing you to access your own deep support system for life’s challenges as well as enhancing your ongoing growth into wholeness.  It is open to everyone – no previous experience is needed.

TO REGISTER: irene.schlumberger@free.fr