Living in a Body™

04/03/18 All day
Hof Tüshaus, Weseler Straße, Dorsten, Germany
Address: Hof Tüshaus, Weseler Straße, Dorsten, Germany


LIVING IN A BODYTM is a professional body mapping certification course developed in 1994 by Robyn Avalon. Translated into 5 languages, it is taught throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Offering a simple, clear, playful exploration of the basic mechanics of human movement and support, it is the quintessential owner’s guide to using our bodies in accordance with our design. It is particularly popular among professionals and educators in movement studies, fitness, athletics, martial arts and performing arts.  Learn how to teach clients to understand and utilize the body’s inherent design.  This course includes a manual & professional certificate, offering 20 hours of Continuing Education Credit.

What is Body Mapping?

Your nervous system uses your beliefs about your body to organize your body. Body Mapping is the study of your beliefs.  In LIABTM you upgrade your software (beliefs) so that it accurately matches your hardware (anatomy), thus letting your body access natural ease, flexibility, and strength.

In this course, you will learn how to teach the LIABTM games and etudes to individuals and groups, to recognize mismapping issues, and to apply LIABTM to your practice.

Price: 450EU, 10% discount for Alexander Alliance Post-Graduates

Price includes manual (German or English) & Certificate

Room & Board @ Hof Tüshaus ranges from 20EU-30EU/night