CAS Musician’s Wellness Residency

07/20/18 All day
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Every summer, the CAS Training Program spends a month in residence at the renowned Meadowmount School of Music

We run the Musician’s Wellness Program, offering private lessons, clinics to resolve pain and tension issues, and experiential workshops on a variety of topics to help support young musicians in building the foundations of a life-long career.

CAS Trainees have daily training classes, opportunities to assist in private lessons and workshops, and to teach body mapping material essential for string players.

In addition, Graduates have the opportunity to teach literally hundreds of lessons, learning how to quickly identify players’ issues, to prioritize what information will be most useful, and to teach it in a timely manner.

Repetition, repetition, repetition… the theme of the month, with trainees and graduates having the opportunity to refine their teaching skills over and over again.  It is a truly unique training experience.