AAI Pre-Congress Gathering

07/25/18 All day
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Join AAI lead teachers Bruce, Robyn, Midori, and Margarete for a week of pre-Congress training, designed to help AAI trainees and graduates prepare for our week at the International Alexander Congress with a sharing of new pedagogy, a hand skill immersion practice, and a chance to consider how we can each get the most from the upcoming AT Congress.

It is also a chance for friends from all over the world to visit and play together, sharing our collective adventures from the year of teaching.

The Gathering is open to Alliance trainees, graduates, our new English post-graduates and our many friends worldwide.

In support of one of the AAGermany’s new graduates, Anita Mischuk, we will be gathering in Iowa City, Anita’s new home.  Iowa City is a only a 3 hour drive or very short flight to Chicago, which will be the home of the 2018 Congress.  While in Iowa City, we will be offering intro workshops to the locals, helping Anita kickstart her new practice.  Now that’s teamwork!!

for info, contact Anita @ amischuk17@gmail.com