Europe Workshops 2019

European Workshops 2019

3/23 – 24/19  Zurich, Switzerland      AAI Teacher Training

3/30-31        Strasbourg, France         Workshops

4/4-7             Villach, Austria              High Touch, Post Graduate Certification

4/13 – 21       Einbeck, Germany        AAI Germany Teacher Training

4/22 – 28      Dorsten, Germany        Varied Workshops


For Private Lessons with Robyn in Europe, please contact the organizer in your area:

Mainz, Germany  contact Therese Geisler

Cologne, Germany  contact Doris Mols

Dorsten, Germany  contact Margarete Tueshaus

Bochum, Germany  contact Irene Schlump

Zurich, Switzerland  contact Magdalena Gassner

Villach, Austria  contact Andrea Stitzel

Strasbourg, France  contact Irene Schlumberger 

Paris, France  contact Alexandra Fridrici