Embodying Grace

grace flier rose F      Give…yourself a chance

      Receive…the present moment

      Allow… for anything

      Choose…the unknown

      Expand…your potential

Embodying Grace is a personal/professional enrichment course held over 5 3-day intensives designed to help you answer the question:

‘who are you when you let go of all you are not?’

Using tools from contemporary Alexander to contemporary Physics, this profound course will ask you to truly question all that you have been taught, all that you assume, and all that you know. It will offer you access to your own potential.

Many people use EG towards their first year of Alexander training. It attracts many professionals caretakers, healers, and therapists of all kinds. It is also perfect for anyone in a transition period in their life. See “ Complementary Curriculum” for more information.

EG offers tools for exploring the core themes of your life and work, thru identifying your underlying, and often limiting, belief sets and learning how to make fundamental changes in what you think is possible for yourself – not only in your work, but in all aspects of your life.  It is challenges who you allow yourself to become.

Enrollment is now open for the 2018 EG programs scheduled for Portland, OR and Santa Fe, NM.  REGISTER NOW

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