Embodying Gender

LGBTQIA+ Workshop Saturday March 16, 10 – 5, Q Center, NE Portland

Led by CAS Director Robyn Avalon

Alexander Work for the queer, trans, and gender-fluid communities.

Alexander’s Principles offer direct and powerful tools for embodying your true nature, from the inside, without adding false, effortful, and limiting patterns on the outside.

Learn how to recognize how you ‘wear’ societal and cultural patterns, and how to replace them with your innate coordination and design.

Present yourself to the world while remaining within your ease and integrity.

Are You at Peace or in Pieces?

Sometimes, as we negotiate our way through family life, work life, and the reality of functioning in today’s world, we compartmentalize ourselves in order to fit in and be accepted.

Sometimes, we find ourselves unknowingly ‘wearing’ the cultural or societal
expectations and stereotypes of our chosen gender expression,
imposing effort and stress into our fundamental ways of being:
how we move through our daily life, how we do our jobs, even how we think and feel.

As years go by, this subtle disintegration can become habitual, to the point of feeling normal.  Alexander’s Work will help you remember your innate, natural way of being.
It will help you recognize how you are interrupting your design for ease, and,
how to replace tension, fatigue, pain, and mental stress with ease, joy, grace, and peace.
It will let you truly be yourself – as you choose to be.

Robyn brings decades of both personal and professional experience to this timely topic.


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