Body Mapping for Educators

What is Body Mapping?

Your nervous system’s job is to use your software (beliefs about your body) to organize your hardware (your actual anatomy), whether your beliefs are accurate or not!  Body Mapping is the study of your beliefs about your anatomy.  It’s like upgrading your software so that it accurately matches your hardware. This allows you to access your brilliant innate coordination, thus letting your body move with ease, flexibility, and strength.

Living in a Body™ is a 20 hour body mapping certification course which offers a simple, clear, and fun exploration of the basic mechanics of human movement and support.  It is the quintessential owner’s guide to using our bodies in accordance with our design, allowing people of all ages to experience ease in their body.

The LIAB™ course contains the information about our own bodies that everyone needs to know, but most have missed. Unfortunately, most people have never been taught how exquisitely our bodies are designed to do the basic movements of everyday life: reaching, standing, bending, sitting, walking, lifting, etc. Thus we often ask our bodies to function in ways that we are simply not designed to handle – resulting in pain, injury, and degeneration.

The LIAB™ curriculum provides a practical and easily applicable understanding of basic anatomy for natural movement. Students receive instructional materials to use in their own practice, as well as specific teaching tools/games/activities for applying this basic information to their own professional work and clientele. LIAB ™ graduates will be able to help their students/clients correct the common misconceptions about the how the body is designed for movement, thereby giving their students/clients the tools to understand and effectively change their own patterns of (mis)use.

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