The Beauty in the Beast: Alexander-based Tango Weekend

The Alexander Technique helps Tango dancers develop more consciousness in their movement, thought, and behavior. We give space for our awareness, for our body ́s innate wisdom. It re-educates us to our natural human coordination, a coordination in the field of gravity, between the up and the down, connected to the ground and the space above – staying flexible and stable at the same time.

Enjoying all the privileges of being upright, we often suffer back pain, headaches, stiffness or depression. Where has our water support gone? What happened to our front legs? What is interfering with our instincts and our authenticity?

Using Tango, we will playfully and lovingly discover the beauty in our inner beast. What does strength and flexibility feel like? Who are you when you are awake, connected, smooth and free from pain?

The ground’s answer to gravity lets us dance with ease, dynamism, power and flow, and grace. Taking time, relaxing into sentience, enables us to dance calmly and to listen to ourselves, our partner, and the connection in between.

This weekend is geared towards tango dancers, but is open to everyone.

January 12 & 13, 2019, Portland OR



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REGULAR PRICE:  $315/person 
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