AT Post Graduate Workshops

CAS offers a wide range of workshops for Alexander Teachers from all training styles and traditions.

As the only American branch of the Alexander Alliance International, CAS is an extension of Marjorie Barstow’s lineage.  As such, we have actively researched the application of the Work into people’s everyday and professional lives for nearly 40 years.  We have studied, deeply, the skills required for working with a students while they are doing whatever they do: playing an instrument, working at a computer, rock climbing, or throwing a pot, for example.

In order to work within real life – real time activities, we have learned how to use our hands everywhere on a person’s body, with a full range of speeds, in every imaginable position, under amazing and extraordinary conditions.

In the progression of our long-term research on the application of the Work within the activities of a student’s life, we have developed the obvious next step: working within the situations of a student’s life.  What are the conditions (emotional, time constraints, deadlines, interpersonal relationships, etc) within which the activities happen?  We call this Situational Work or, more simply, LifeWork.

In addition, following in Marg’s footsteps, we have crafted the skills for teaching in groups, and for introducing the Work in a lively, dynamic, highly experiential way.  We have found that being able to successfully introduce the Work in a group format is one of the strongest factors towards creating and maintaining a robust private/group practice.  We know the Work is extraordinary – but it is a particular skill to let the population at large have the experience for themselves.

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