Academic Training

Academic-Calendar Training Options

This is a full time training designed to be compatible with an academic calendar, ideal for both faculty and students.  There are 4 – 6 weeks of study in the summers, 2 weeks at winter break, and one week at spring break (if your school calendar matches). In addition, Trainees can also choose between a variety of short or long Training Events held throughout the year in Santa Fe NM, Portland OR, or at the German or Japan Alexander Alliance Training Programs to fulfill the annual minimum of 6 weeks of study.


Undergraduate and graduate students may enroll in an extended part-time program which allows them to complete their training concurrent with their academic studies.

The summer Training includes a one month residency at the Meadowmount School of Music, followed by one week at the Alexander Alliance International Summer Retreat, allowing trainees to work with teachers, graduates, and fellow trainees from the German and Japan schools.

Trainees are expected to attend a minimum of 6 long events (or equivalent) each year.  While trainees can design their own programs, annual attendance is recommended at:

Trainees may attend any combination of short and long events, in Santa Fe, Portland, or wherever else (US/International) there is a CAS or Alexander Alliance event, in order to fulfill the remaining required events each year.
Students may study as much as they desire throughout the year for the same annual tuition, payable as determined by their individual payment plan.