All Training Options have the same tuition and requirements, regardless of how long it takes to graduate (3 – 7 years). There are different tuition payment plans according to full time/part time status. Full Time trainees have unlimited study each year.  Part Time trainees pay by event.

The tuition for the training includes :

Annual Summer Retreat

Annual Summer Retreat

  • flexible, self-paced study opportunities
  • apprentice opportunities in private lessons, group classes, and workshops
  • Living in a Body™ certification
  • opportunities to study at Alexander Alliance Germany / Japan
  • additional training, as needed, during the year following your graduation

Full Time & Academic Training Options

Full Time & Academic Trainees pay a $2000 deposit and create a self-designed payment plan. As a full time trainee, you may study as much as you desire for the duration of your training.  There are 9 – 15 events offered annually.  

Special Events:  If the Event is held in another location, or has Guest Teachers, then an additional tuition fee may apply. Tuition for the Annual Alliance International Summer Retreat (NM) and other International Alliance Gatherings are not included, although there is a 50% trainee discount.

Payments may be made monthly, quarterly, or annually.  Individual payment plans are made directly with the CAS office at the time of enrollment. All payment plan changes must be made in writing and are subject to approval.

Part Time Training Options

Part Time Trainees must pay  an annual deposit to remain enrolled in the program, and receive benefits.  All money paid goes towards your tuition balance.  Accrued deposits may be used as credit for study in your final year.

Part Time Trainees pay by Event:

  • $1000 for long events (5 – 7 days)
  • $500 for short events (2 – 4 days)
  • full price for all Special Events

Payment is due in full 2 weeks prior to attendance at each event.

Embodying Grace may be used towards the first year of training. The tuition is $2500 for 5 3-day intensives.

The payment plan is:

  • $1000 due 1 month prior to 1st event
  • $1000 due one month prior to 3rd event
  • $500 due 1 month prior to 5th event

If you choose to enroll in the Teacher Training Program, EG will count in both time and tuition towards training. If you do not enroll in the Training Program before the last meeting of EG, you may not use EG time or tuition towards future training.

Guest Study Options

Students may study as a Guest without enrolling in the Training Program, but will not earn credits towards certification, although they may earn CEU’s. Prices vary according to Events.

The Fine Print

All NM-based events are subject to NM tax (currently 8.3%). CAS reserves the right to charge interest on late payments. Credit Card payments have a 3% interest charge.