dancing with bones


Graduation is dependent on proficiency.When you have the skills to impart the essence of the Work, through touch and language, it is time for you to graduate.


The requirements for graduation are:

  1. attendance at a minimum of 3 years and 25 long Events (or equivalent)
  2. payment of the full tuition cost
  3. teaching proficiency, as determined by the Alexander Alliance International Directors

Not everyone becomes proficient within the same time span, and everyone has different schedules for training.  Graduation is determined by mutual decision between the International Alexander Alliance faculty and the individual trainee, and occurs at the annual August NM event.  Most people take about 4 years, some people take 6 years, some take 3.


If a Full Time Trainee has completed tuition payments, but is not yet proficient, they may study an additional number of Events, to be determined by the CAS Director, at no additional cost.  Part Time Trainees continue to pay by Event until proficiency has been achieved.

Graduates may study for free within one year following graduation to address additional questions as needed.  Additional study is limited and must be approved by the CAS Director.


Graduation from CAS is all that is required to become a Certified Alexander Technique Teacher.  Graduates may then choose to apply for membership in the Alexander professional organizations, ATI or AmSTAT.  These organizations offer useful community and professional support, but DO NOT actually “certify” teachers, and membership is not required in order legally become an Alexander Teacher.

In some states, teachers may be required to be licensed to use their hands.  Please become informed about your own state requirements.  You have sole responsibility for complying with your state requirements for the use of touch.  In many states, Alexander is exempt from massage therapist licensure, as it is in the category of movement education, rather than therapy.