About Us

The Contemporary Alexander School is a learning community dedicated to furthering the Work of F.M. Alexander with self-paced, non-residential, contemporary teacher training programs based in Santa Fe, NM and Portland OR.  Founded by Robyn Avalon, CAS, also known as Alexander Alliance Southwest/Northwest, is the US branch of Alexander Alliance International. Trainees learn to teach the fundamental principles of the Work to individuals and groups within the activities of their lives.

 We teach everyone:

Contemporary Alexander Work is a practical, hands-on study of the principles of coordination, movement, habit, and awareness, which teaches you how to relieve pain, tension, and habitual life patterns, and rediscover excellence, ease, strength, flexibility, grace, joy, and choice in every activity of life.

The CAS programs are specifically designed to fit into already busy, full lives. With fulltime, part time, and academic-friendly study options, it is ideal for those who are seriously invested in becoming Contemporary Alexander Teachers, but are not able to relocate to a residential program or devote themselves to full-time study.

CAS offers a unique approach to studying Alexander’s Work through the Living Arts Curriculum, designed to offer practical application of Alexander’s principles through the activities of daily life:  we go to wherever people are doing whatever they do, and work with them while they are doing it.

The Training Program has many defining and unique elements, setting it apart from other programs:

  • Contemporary Real-Life Applications
  • Highly Sophisticated Hands-On Skills
  • In-Depth Study of Pedagogy
  • Teaching Practice and Apprenticeships
  • Flexible, Self-Paced, Non-Residential Study Options
  • Complementary Integrative Studies
  • International Community and Study Options

In addition to trainings, CAS also offers introductory through  post-graduate workshops and Immersion  Retreats  throughout the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan, open to everyone.  Here are some of the places we teach: