Touching Grace

Professional Enrichment Training Course for Movement & Fitness Professionals

This one year immersion will challenge you to move beyond the limits of your knowledge.

It will ask you to quiet yourself enough to access your deeper ways of knowing.

It will teach you how to recognize the underlying patterns and beliefs which hold you in habitual choices in your work and in your life.

It will offer you clear and effective tools for making new choices.

It will open the doorway to accessing new layers of skill and understanding through all of your senses.


What will you learn?

how to become fully present in each moment,  

how to access your innate state of grace 

how to release limiting thoughts, beliefs, & behaviors 

the art of listening with your ears, your hands, and your heart

the art of touching truly & deeply

how to see/touch/know the underlying themes within your client’s issues


What will you study?

Personal Use 

How to access your innate ease and coordination through Alexander principles.

Sophisticated Hands-on Skills

Learn the basics of quieting yourself enough to ‘hear’ what is actually happening in your client’s system through your hands.

Sacred Geometry of the Body

Learn basic themes of Sacred Geometry and how to apply them to your practice.

Ways of Knowing

Learn practical tools for accessing knowledge beyond your personal experience, and for transforming limiting beliefs about your potential and your skill.


How will you study?  The DETAILS

This one year professional enrichment course consists of four 3-day intensives in Santa Fe, NM, Friday through Sunday. Contact Robyn for schedule details.

The 4 intensives are designed to be one course of study, as there will be overlap and layering of material as well as personal studies between sessions.

The cost is $1600 (+ NM tax) for all 4 intensives, plus offering 20 CEU’s/weekend. 

Payment is made in 2 installments, one month prior to the first and third meetings. Discount available for full pre-payment.

How do you register?

send an email to explaining your interest in the course

send a non-refundable deposit of $200 to secure your place (space is limited)

View Brochure:

touching grace brochure